Terry got his start in the insurance industry in 2011. Prior to insurance, Terry worked in many industries to find his niche. Ingenuity and creativity, mixed with the passion to help people bridged the gap. This lead him on a fast track that endured multiple stops along the way. Working with Microsoft, Google, and a plethora of many other Fortune 500 companies.

“My success will always be predicated on the basis of me helping the next man, woman, or child in this country to better serve the world. To know that I can directly change lives and witness it with my own eyes really drives me. I am God fearing and Christ centered.

Terry is one of the most successful agents to touch the industry. He built his business on the knowledge of understanding wholeheartedly the groundworks of his products and services. He is often quoted saying “If my grandmother need not to acquire it, then you ought not either”. Mr Gold has a musical background and produces at live shows to date. He is an avid cooker and enjoys sports.