7 Steps to Weight Loss


The Seven Steps to Weight Loss

Preface : Losing weight is all about you! Your health is a key focal point to your life & most of the food you we eat is in excess/overconsumption


Trust with all your heart and believe in the greater power that is in you. You must keep your faith.

2) Scale

•Don't focus on numbers in the beginning

It's not how you start, it's how you finish

3) Calorie / App Counter

•Energy in body

4)Fitness Regime

(Fun Fun Fun)

5) Nutritional Guidance

6) Being Flexible and having Vision (Diets:Water:Vegan:Gluten)

7) Positive Attitude , Strong Minded , Determined , Will

Forward: On June 16th 2011 I was 266lbs, I vowed to lose my excess weight and now I stand at a healthy 167 pounds with a over all greater health and well-being on all things in life.

Chapter 1) God

This is a spiritual battle. The adversary preys on a weak mind. One that is easy to manipulate. Know that in transforming the mind you will need to call on our Lord and God. Jesus Saves. In the good times and not so happy times call on the Lord. Having the right partner in any program makes it far less difficult. Yet there may be times when don’t have a partner. Maybe you have a partner maybe you don’t. Either way you must not fall into this trap. Losing weight is not magic. Not a super pill or one step process neither is it a overnight one and done shift.

Key: Trust in the Lord God. He is your partner and will never let you down.

Chapter 2) Scale

What is weight? Is it bones, is it fat, is it muscles, is it water? What does all this matter? Pun intended. When we need to lose or gain we are putting on or losing. Gaining or dropping. This is not magic. This is reality. Hold onto that thought. So when your using the restroom you are actually losing weight. When your not using the restroom your body is storing in the food for reserve energy or excess fat. As in if you are not taking a number 2 your packing pounds. So with that being said know this. To lose weight you must measure and scale. Life is about moderation and balance. Without a scale you are attempting to maintain a blind bank account. After this program you will see. If you follow correctly, now the gist of this goes. As I woke up every morning 30 months straight I got on that scale every morning and logged how much I was in pounds on a Lose It app consistently without changing the variables in the equation. The factor is this, you must do it naked. That way you are consistent. Now I was in a military state of mind to say the least but I on an 85 percent average I was able to make this weight check every morning at the same time. Always after I used the restroom of course. Now it’s close to impossible to say your waking at the exact time every morning but you will be good enough by checking every day. This is important. Everyday you must weigh so that your brain can soak in the information and weigh between how the energy is being transferred in the body. When I say I can blindly manage a bank account. I’m speaking on my body weight bank account. Though it may look like I’m over indulging in food at times this is not random. I simply know how much I can eat now and how much it’s going to look on the scale vs how much I weigh at this time. Body builders don’t lift 15lbs then jump to 500lbs and give up. They gradually build monitoring there results. A basketball player trying to dunk knows that it’s about progression. One day your barely touching the net and with work everyday you get to the rim, and eventually you will be slamming it down. Don’t focus on the numbers because they can discourage you day to day. You cannot give up, this is the whole point to tuning in with your body as in doing the same thing everyday will grant you your success in the long haul. I lost my 100 pounds in under 18 months. I still kept up with the scale for 12 additional months because I was so used to it. It was ingrained in me. Now 5 years later and the past 5 years I rarely look at the scale because I know my body weight like the back of my hand no matter what I eat when and where. The only time I cannot accurately guess my body weight is when I go into a huge overloading of food for 3-4 weeks. At this time I know about within 10 pounds of my weight. Day to day your weight can change significantly and that is why you cannot be discouraged until you do the work you will have no results.

KEY: weigh yourself every new day you wake up and log it on a app Android, Apple, Microsoft

Chapter 3) Caloric App Counters

Calories are a measure of energy in the food we eat. We can either store or burn. We in a nut shell eat for energy. Your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is how many calories you burn during the day while doing nothing this could be TV. Sleeping and Lazy activity included. This is what we burn to survive. This is the old fashioned yet true homage. What goes in vs what comes out is what your weight will look like. If you burn an extra or eat and extra 500 calories a day in one week you will either gain a pound (3500 calories) or lose a pound. The app ties into the Chapter 2 scale terms. The app has just about all foods in the world inside. That’s the full nutrient value which is calories and what you will utilize the most. In the rare case they do not have your food choice. You can simply scan the barcode. Then upload. This is the part where many people give up. They don’t log. Remember when I said we must measure and scale to acquire success. Well this is the part that appears as a burden to the souls that give up. If your goals is to lose 20 pounds. Doctor’s recommendation to lose weight safely is between 1-2lbs. So if you cut 500-1000 calories a day from your normal intake this will happen. So 20lbs will take you anywhere from 10-20 weeks at the most at this pace. So if your goal is to lose 20lbs on January 1st then by March 10-17th you will reach your goal and that’s only 2 ½ months of you work your system correctly. The great thing here is is balance. The app also tracks your activities and how you burn say running a mile lifting heavy weights etc so getting to your goal is so much easier.

Key: Download nutrition app counter. Log weight everyday. Log each meal as in anything that goes in your mouth. Log in your daily physical activity. Don’t miss a day.

Chapter 4) Fitness

Fitness is a key but not the primary key especially starting out. The chapters are in chronological importance. So car in mind chapters 1-3 are far more important than fitness alone. Following the first 3 chapters by themselves will get you very far. Remember balance is key. There are 7 chapters for a reason and fitness is very important but please for crying out loud don’t go crazy with it. Fitness should be fun. You should love to workout because it very much important to body functions including brain and thinking blood pressure. Circulation and brain thought. So know this you must plan to work 2-3 times a week at the least and also know this for not long. If you only have 30 minutes 3 days a week. Do that. Do that 39 minutes proudly and stay consistent. Log your workout on your app. What you take in your mouth vs what you workout will make it faster to reach your goal or easier Accountabilty on what you eat because if you work out more you can eat more. Trust me though. Your body speaks so do not over do it. Do something fun. If playing basketball for 3 hours is your go to then do it. If walking the mall 3 hours is your go to the so be it. You should workout without knowing your working out.

Chapter 5) Nutritional Guidance

Go to the doctor, research the nutrition you need for vitality. Research nutrition online or at the library etc. Find a nutritionist. Learn about macro and micronutrients. If you can’t eat healthy salads. Try a daily vitamin

Key: Soak your entire brain into nutrient education

Chapter 6) Flexibility and Visions

Be flexible and change your mindset about diets fads supplements workouts etc. The number question about my 100lb weight loss regiment was how did I do it. Truth is I tried everything to the T and switched up when that weight plateaued. Yes there is one way to lose or gain the weight to your goal and that’s sticking to a main plan. Yet when this or that plan stops working switch it up

Key: try every diet and go after what works alongside this 7 chapter guidebook.

Chapter 7) Willpower

Be strong willed and strong disciplined and you will not fail, stay positive minded and a strong hearted.

Don’t ever give. Stay faithful. Think Positive.