In Depth with Laurence Fishburne


— “Hoodlum (1997)” and “School Daze (1988)” actor Laurence Fishburne has made a name for himself by time and time again presenting award-winning performances. Fishburne is not only known for his acting abilities, but also his time spent as a director, producer, and screenwriter. Lately, the action film star has been bestowing his skillset as host to TV’s “In Depth” with Laurence Fishburne. The educational show covers a wide array of topics that impact people across the nation. An upcoming episode will examine the importance of life insurance with industry experts.

Most people spend more time thinking about and planning vacations and retirements but do not always contemplate things like what will happen to their loved ones after they have passed. Life insurance is an important option to consider since it protects an individual’s family and allows the policyholder to leave a non-taxable amount after their passing.

Often loved ones can get stuck with any outstanding loans after a family member is gone, but life insurance can take care of things like car loans and mortgages. Life insurance requires consideration, and there are different options available depending on age, health, and job occupation.

No one likes to think about death, let alone their own, but it is paramount to consider how spouses and children will handle finances after one’s demise. Further info about the benefits of life insurance will be in the upcoming episode of “In Depth.”

“In Depth” with Laurence Fishburne is cautiously reviewed before revealed to a broader audience. The informative television program has received a variety of Tellys for its efforts in the public TV arena.